booth If you have a business, a great way to sell more products is to have a stand in a trade show. This allows you to get new clients and show your business to the world. You need to stand out with something new and interesting if you want to be remarked. Of course, interesting stands and ideas cost money but you need to spend a few bucks if you want to make a few more.

Use some unique ideas

You may find some ideas a bit strange but remember that only this way you’ll get their attention. A money blowing machine can be used to attract more visitors. While the people in front play and have the chance of winning some cash, the ones in the line get bored and start looking around. This way they’ll see what you have to offer and they’ll spend more time here than in a normal situation.

Offer promotional items. Don’t offer magnifying glasses or pens because everybody does that. You need to offer something special like canvas bags that will help people carry their things. Another nice option is to have water bottles with your logo printed on them. Thirsty people that will receive a bottle of water will remember you.

Use Scratch cards. Since most people like a good mystery most of them will be interested in these scratch cards. You can even offer some special deals for those lucky enough.

You don’t have to be afraid when spending some money on a good idea. If you use an interesting new idea people will come to your stand and a certain percentage of them will buy your products. With these creative ideas you’ll be noticed not just by the visitors but by your competition and investors as well and you don’t want to waste that chance.