trade-show-intro Trade show models are a nice addition to your company if you know exactly what to choose. You must take into consideration two factors before choosing a trade model: you need to be sure that this model fits your company in the right way and you must consider the costs associated with these models and be sure that they aren’t bigger than the benefits.

Benefit versus Cost

ROI or return on investment is the criteria to consider when calculating if a trade model has any benefits for you or not. Let’s take an example. You have a company which is located on the East coast. Let’s assume that you have an exposition in Las Vegas. In this case convention models can lead to some benefits for you but you still need to calculate the costs which include hotel rooms, plate tickets, the time and money lost sending employees there, the food which they consume, etc. You may find that this model won’t give you any benefits at all. It’s all about the cots. It may be cheaper just to rent a trade show model.

You must also take into consideration the fact that in general the promotional models you want to hire don’t know your products very well and if your company is from the IT or another technical sector they may have some real difficulties in presenting your products properly. Also keep in mind that even your employees which know every detail of your products may not attract too many clients. Most of the times your technicians won’t be qualified as marketing employees so you need to rend a trade show model that knows how to speak or even send an employee that has some strong marketing skills.

That’s why it is important to think for a bit before renting a trade show scene. Find some really nice models that will attract a lot of potential clients and then have a marketing specialist that will know how to present your products.