tradeshowexhibit You need to design very well your exhibit if you want to have a real success at a trade show. Fail to do so and you will end up with an utter failure. Of course you need to be very careful when planning this because you need the perfect balance between a functional design which is cost effective and a breathtaking design which is unique but costs a lot. Another thing you must do is to find a balance between a clean exhibit on what visitors can focus their attention to your products or services and a flashy exhibit that will attract more people but they will find it difficult to focus on your products. If you follow these tips, your exhibit will be beneficial and cost effective in the same time.

Your exhibit needs to be done with only one thought in mind – that of attracting people’s attention to your services or products. For this you can use a number of elements such as: color, layout, materials, graphic, lightning and multimedia technology which will ad an interactive element to your exhibit. You can integrate all or only a few of these elements to focus people’s attention to your products and to your organization’s identity.

Before thinking of design details, choose a primary message for your visitors. If you present too much information to your potential clients, they will remember nothing. That’s why you must have one or two messages to display and convince everyone that your company can satisfy their needs better that the competition. Along with this message, your company logo, name and website should appear in a proper manner. Only this way your potential clients won’t lose track and will understand your company’s message.

The best way to achieve this is to have a professional designer working for you. You may have one already in your company or you can hire one, it doesn’t matter as long as he can integrate these informations in an efficient way.