tradeshows If you never had a trade show until now keep in mind that your customers won’t appear by magic if you present to a show. They follow a simple rule – the more money and work you put in your show the more visitors you’ll have. Keep in mind that the competition is pretty rough out there and before starting to spend money and effort you must think of a strategy that will increase your chances in attracting more visitors. Here are a few tips you can follow.

1. Use high quality giveaways in your show

A lot of visitors like to collect all sorts of promotional materials. Don’t forget to have these giveaways marked in your budget because this way people will remember you weeks after the show is over. You can personalize t-shirts, USB flash drives, hats, bags and other things. The possibilities are endless but you need a considerable budget for this.

2. Don’t forget you are talking with real people

You need to have some real presenters in the show. They should be the type that enjoys speaking with other people, that won’t feel uncomfortable and at the same time that aren’t trying too hard to sell. This is the way to go if you want your presentation to be successful.

1. Give a professional look to your display area

If you go to a trade show than most likely you have a product that is needed, but you still need to sell your products. You must do this with professionalism and convince the buyers that your products are made from quality materials in order to sell them. You can use looping video with your services and products, large banners and matching tablecloths, etc. Having an open space is the best way to go. People will be able to come in and take a look on your products and then discuss the details with your designated presenter. Don’t hide behind a table.