tradebooth Nowadays, as the economy is not going so well, many companies are starting to cut their budgets and reduce all expenses, even the marketing ones. But one way of still increasing the revenues and not cut back so much on expenses is to go to trade shows. Having a booth like that in these troubled times can be a plus.

Less Competition

Now that companies are afraid of spending money on marketing actions, it is a better chance to get more relevant attention. It means you can do a good first impression on clients. Using a trade show booth is one of those things that shows your clients and the other competitors that you can do something they can not do. It shows them that you have the power to have a booth in financial troubled times. It can raise the level of respect in their eyes.

It is More Affordable

Since there are less companies that invest in the trade shows, this means the trade show organizers are more available when it comes to negotiating prices. They will drop down the prices and you can even get a discount in the last moment. It is a great opportunity to get good PR.

Test New Products, or Marketing Concepts

You may have a new idea or a new product and you may need to test it before investing a lot of money into developing it and then marketing it. A trade show is a great way to get first impressions. People can test the product and let you know what they think right there so that after the show you can go and redesign the product or start selling it. You might get very relevant insights from the people that come to the trade show and check out your booth and products.