stand When people think about trade show they automatically consider them as places full of booths, with people that are explaining things. But trade shows mean more than that. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration. This article will give you some tips on how to choose the trade show stands.


The people that are attending the show might not consider flooring so important but actually it is. First of all, the floor helps differentiate the various booths. It gives the attendees a feeling of being on a separate space. You can also use the flooring as a special display material and print the surface with something. Consider it a great way of doing business. You can choose various types of traffic floor like linoleum, vinyl, plastic or wooden floor. You can also use a carpet and print it with your signs or with a special color. But that can prove to be expensive.


Lighting pays a lot of roles: highlights the products, offers safety and visibility. Do not forget about this part of the display and use it wisely and creatively. Use graphic as much as you can, as you have the possibility to personalize the light if you want.


As people are busy, you have to pay extra effort at attracting visibility. In this case you have to make use of all the elements that you can, in order to get attention.

Do not be afraid to use sound and video displays. Use a lot of interactive media as well and ways to communicate with the clients and partners. Including elegant elements and easy to understand is also important. You can also think about using a specialist in creating the show booths and you will get the best results with them, even if they cost a bit more.